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Underfloor Heating in Scotland

Total Warmth for Your Home - Invisible Heating throughout the House.

Underfloor heating is the perfect partner for a heat pump system. It offers distinct advantages over conventional central heating; no radiators to clutter up wall space, fewer draughts caused by convection currents and warm floors underfoot. Underfloor heating is suitable for all types of flooring; both new and retrofit.

In an underfloor system, temperature-controlled water is pumped through loops of pipe, installed beneath the floor surface to insure an even temperature. In a typical installation, there are a number of pipe loops and the heating water is directed to these through a manifold.

Add a Ventilation System with Heat Recovery to gain additional savings and greater comfort.

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How Underfloor Heating works

Our Underfloor Heating

In an under floor heating system water is pumped through pipes under your floor surface. Water is distributed evenly to give consistent temperatures everywhere in the room. The under floor heating system is long lasting with almost no maintenance required. The even distribution of heat helps to eliminate draughts and moisture which means improved health, easier breathing and a more comfortable living environment.

Our under floor heating team can easily fit a modern and comfortable under floor heating system in any home. This includes the installation of under floor heating in old and new builds throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Advantages of Underfloor Heating include

Old or New Homes

No Maintenance

Eliminate Draughts

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Underfloor Heating

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