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Heat Recovery Ventilation in Scotland

Ventilation with Heat Recovery - healthy, fresh air without open windows with minimal heat loss.

You know the problem; the air in your house has become stuffy and you open a window to let fresh air in. But you also let the heat out! Modern ventilation systems solve this problem by recovering the heat energy from stale air and passing it into fresh air drawn into your home.

There is a range of possible systems to suit differing requirements. Eco Coil Heating can advise on the most appropriate solution for you.

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How Heat Recovery Ventilation works

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Our Heat Recovery Ventilation

Highly efficient heat recovery ventilation is the ideal partner for all new houses and renovated dwellings, which have become more air tight. Air tightness goes hand in hand with good standards of insulation in the drive to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings. Heat Recovery Ventilation offers minimal energy loss, reduces moisture & mould fungus, and offers fresh air to breathe for better health.

Most homes throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh are suitable for the installation of heat recovery systems. Many can also be fitted with heat pumps, under floor heating systems giving you the opportunity heat your home with entirely renewable energy.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Ventilation include

Minimum Energy Loss

Reduce Moisture & Mould

Fresh, Clean Air

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Our team of trained experts are ready to take on any heat recovery ventilation project for providing healthy, fresh air without open windows with minimal heat loss in homes throughout Scotland.

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