Heat Recovery in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heat Recovery in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Ventilation with Heat Recovery - healthy, fresh air without open windows with minimal heat loss.

You know the problem; the air in your house has become stuffy and you open a window to let fresh air in. But you also let the heat out! Modern ventilation systems solve this problem by recovering the heat energy from stale air and passing it into fresh air drawn into your home.

There are many benefits:
• Minimal energy loss – conventional ventilation wastes 50% of heat energy.
• Reduced moisture damage and mould fungus.
• Fresh, clean air to breathe for better health.

There is a range of possible systems to suit differing requirements. Eco Coil Heating can advise on the most appropriate solution for you.

Heat Recovery / Ventilation Schematic:

Heat Recovery throughout Scotland

Eco Coil Heating is able to install heat recovery ventilation systems throughout Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh and all major cities as well as areas such as the western Isles. Contact us today on 0141 249 0679 or by email at info@ecocoilheating.co.uk. We’ll answer all your questions without any obligation or unwanted follow-up calls.

Heat Recovery Systems are also available from Eco Coil Heating in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Stratford-upon-Avon >

Heat Recovery in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heat Recovery in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

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