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Air Source Heat Pumps in Scotland

Air Source Heat Pumps are quiet, efficient and low-cost providing green energy from thin air.

Air Source is the simplest form of heat pump heating. A silent fan draws air from outside the property into the heat pump and harnesses some of its heat energy. The simplicity of this type of heat pump means lower investment costs.

The space required is minimal and there is no need for ground work. As a result, an air source heat pump can be installed anywhere and is ideal for urban sites. An air source heat pump can be sited externally, freeing up space in your home.

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How Air Source Heat Pumps work

Our Air Source Heat Pumps

We can quickly install an air source heat pump with minimal disruption caused. The compact design of our air source pumps means that they are suitable for the majority of homes in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Combine our air source heat pumps with other eco-friendly energy systems such as underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation and solar thermal panels to turn your home into a complete source of renewable energy all year round.

Advantages of Air Source Heat Pumps include

Lower Installation Costs

No Ground Works

Minimal Space Requirement

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Our highly trained team of heat pump installation experts are available to begin any air source heat pump project throughout Glasgow, Edinburgh and the rest of Scotland.

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