Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

Eco Coil Heating’s ground and air pumps work by passing water through the ground inside a coil which is heated by transfer of the natural heat and insulation properties of the ground. This natural heat retention is commonly known as solar gain or solar retention.

This heated water comes into the heat pump were the minimum of energy (normally electrical) is applied to boost the temperature to the required level for internal heating and hot water systems. The heat from this water is transferred to the isolated domestic supply and sealed heating system water within the heat pump. The water that was heated from the solar retention properties of the ground is pushed through the coil again to be heated and so the cycle continues. The water heated by the ground in the coil and the domestic and heating waters never mix.

These systems have a slightly higher capital cost. However they are exceptionally efficient, and recognised as an ecologically sound and desirable system. They can be used in either domestic or commercial situations. And are subject to significant UK and Scottish Government grant subsidy.

How a Heat Pump Works:

Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps throughout Scotland

There are 3 Types of Heat Pumps (Click below for more information):

Air Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump
Bore Holes

Heat Pumps in Glasgow and Edinburgh

Our highly trained team of heat pump installation specialists are on hand to take on any heat pump installation project throughout the Glasgow and Edinburgh area as well as the rest of Scotland. Our professionals can easily install the ideal heat pump system in your home with as little disruption as possible. Once installed heat pumps require little or no maintenance helping to generate consistently hot water all year round without any input required. Heat pumps can be combined with other green energy systems such as under floor heating, solar thermal panels and heat recovery ventilation to turn your home into a source of completely renewable energy.

Many homes throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh are able to have a heat pump installed and can benefit greatly from the reduced heating bills. Contact Eco Coil Heating today to find out if your home is suitably equipped for this fantastic investment.

Eco Coil can provide boreholes, ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps throughout Scotland. This includes Glasgow, Edinburgh and all other major cities as well as the Western isles. Contact us today on 0141 249 0679 or by email at info@ecocoilheating.co.uk. We’ll answer all your questions without any obligation or unwanted follow-up calls.

Heat Pumps are also available from Eco Coil Heating in Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Stratford-upon-Avon >

Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

Heat Pumps in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Scotland

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