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Solar Thermal Panels in Scotland

Solar Thermal Heating Panels – sunlight heating your home, heat from light.

Solar Thermal units capture the energy directly from sunlight and deliver this to the hot water and central heating systems of your house. The units are highly efficient (greater than 80%) with impressively high absorption rates, little wastage and extremely long operational life.

Over the period of a year, solar thermal panels should provide 70% of a house’s hot water. They will also contribute to central heating and, combined with a heat pump, offer a completely effective, renewable energy solution. Even in the middle of winter, solar thermal panels can generate 25% of the domestic hot water needed in your home. On a hot summer day, up to 90% of your heating requirements can be covered.

(Please note that Solar Thermal panels should not be confused with panels for the generation of electricity.)

Eco Coil Heating

How Solar Thermal Panels works

Eco Coil Heating

Our Solar Thermal Panels

We are conveniently placed for jobs in the Glasgow and Edinburgh areas. The installation of solar thermal panels can be completed fast and efficiently with little disruption to you or your lifestyle. Once installed our solar thermal panels take little or no maintenance, continuing to produce the maximum amount of hot water possible. By absorbing the sun’s rays and converting them into heat energy which can be transferred to the water in your water tank solar thermal panels are the perfect “set and forget” way to fight the rising heating bills, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint.

Most homes throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh are suitable for the installation of solar thermal panels. Many can also be fitted with heat pumps, under floor heating and heat recovery ventilation systems giving you the opportunity heat your home with entirely renewable energy.

Advantages of Solar Thermal Panels include

Old or New Homes

No Maintenance

Lower Carbon Footprint

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Solar Thermal Panels

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