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Bore Hole Heat Pumps in Scotland

Vertical closed loop ground source heat pump – A well of geothermal energy for your home.

The earth is a store of energy. A bore hole, between 25 and 150 metres deep, can provide an excellent energy source for a heat pump system. A pipe loop is placed down the hole in a U and connected to the pump.

Because the temperature of the deep ground remains consistent throughout the year, this method can provide good results, especially where space is limited.

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How Bore Hole Heat Pumps work

Our Bore Hole Heat Pumps

Bore holes can be quickly dug and heat pumps installed with minimal ground work and disruption to your home. Once in place the bore hole heat pump system requires little or no maintenance becoming a reliable source of heated water all year round with no other input required.

Our bore hole heat pumps can be combined with other renewable energy systems underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation and solar thermal panels to turn your home into a complete source of renewable energy all year round.

Advantages of Bore Hole Heat Pumps include

Limited Space Requirement

Limited Ground Works

Consistent Performance

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Bore Hole Heat Pumps

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