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Ground Source Heat Pumps in Scotland

Ground source heat pumps use under ground pipe work to extract energy from your land.

Horizontal ground loops pump a glycol (anti-freeze) mixture around the pipe which is heated by the energy in the ground. This heated water comes into the heat pump were the minimum of energy (normally electrical) is applied to boost the temperature to the required level for internal heating and hot water systems.

The heat from this water is transferred to the isolated domestic supply and sealed heating system water within the heat pump. The water that was heated from the solar retention properties of the ground is pushed through the coil again to be heated and so the cycle continues. The water heated by the ground in the coil and the domestic and heating waters never mix.

They can be used in either domestic or commercial situations.

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How Ground Source Heat Pumps work

Our Ground Source Heat Pumps

We can install your heat pump system with minimal disruption caused. Once in place the ground source heat pump system requires little or no maintenance and can produce a reliable source of cleaning renewable energy all year round.

Our ground source heat pumps can be combined with other renewable energy systems underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation and solar thermal panels to turn your home into a complete source of renewable energy all year round.

Advantages of Ground Source Heat Pumps include

Exceptionally Efficient

Ecologically Desirable System

Government Grants Available

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Ground Source Heat Pumps

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