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The Vu, West Lothian

Finding an energy-efficient, reliable heating system was proving to be difficult for The Vu, a luxury wedding venue based in West Lothian.

With beautifully landscaped surroundings and space limitations in the honeymoon log cabins, the owners needed a small, subtle heating system that would fulfil the heating and hot water requirements for the guests without impacting on the serene location.

Robert McLeary, owner of The Vu, approached Eco Coil to find the best heating solution to suit their needs and budget. Our engineers carefully assessed the cabins and surrounding areas and, after consulting with the customer on all available options for the site, including a biomass system and Oil or LPF system, we concluded that a Danfoss DHP-AT air source heat pump was the perfect fit for The Vu.

Eco Coil Heating

Eco Coil Heating

Any other system would have reduced the amount of space within the cabin or resulted in disruption of the area with large Oil/LPG tanks making deliveries, which would interfere with wedding arrangements made at the venue. The beautiful scenery surrounding The Vu is one of the main attractions for couples getting married and our primary focus was to install a new energy efficient system that would preserve the natural beauty of the surroundings. Our team worked closely with Mr McLeary to ensure that the business needs were put first during the entire process.

Consisting of a small, discreet outdoor unit and an indoor control panel, the DHP-AT uses state-of-the-art defrosting technology, ensuring full functionality and energy efficiency even in cold winter weather. As well as providing all the heating and hot water requirements for both log cabins, the air source heat pump can also be used for cooling the properties during warmer periods, ensuring that the log cabins were perfect for honeymoons throughout the year.

The control panel for the pumps can be locked, ensuring that management have control over the system at all times, preventing clients from changing the heat curve and efficiencies. Further benefits of the air source heat pump include:

• Payback period of 18 months • Constant hot water and high temperatures
• Stylish, subtle design of outdoor pump • Low carbon emissions and energy efficient

The small, unobtrusive DHP-AT units are quick to install and we worked with Mr McLeary and the staff at The Vu to ensure that disruption was kept to a minimum. Our highly skilled engineers worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that the new system was fully operational as soon as possible. Mr McLeary was very impressed with our work ethic, commenting

“Eco Coil Heating worked in the evenings and around our business needs too: meaning that we did not lose revenue during site works.” Both the staff and guests at The Vu have given positive feedback of the DHP-AT system, with Mr McLeary concluding “they are very quiet and are exceeding our expectations, especially with hot water production – the temperature is excellent and there is plenty produced too!”

Eco Coil continue to monitor every system after installation, giving clients peace of mind that our skilled engineers are on hand with practical help and advice.

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