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Heat Pumps

We can install the ideal heat pump system in your home with as little disruption as possible.


Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating provides invisible heating and total warmth throughout your house.


Air Conditioning

We can install state of the art air conditioning systems to any home or workplace.


We supply and install the latest generation of eco-friendly, energy saving systems.

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Renewable Energy and Refrigeration Solutions

At Eco Coil Heating we take a modern approach to reducing carbon footprints nationwide. With one of our Eco-friendly systems you could save money long term and do your part for a greener tomorrow. We’re experienced, qualified and have a strong belief in lowering your carbon footprint. We provided every one of our customers with a strong investment for the future as well as the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re making the world a greener place for you and your family.

Our eco-friendly solutions

Building regulations are changing and environmental efficiency is the government’s top priority.

If you’re a developer or planning any project that requires planning permission here’s something you may not already know. Changes to building regulations say that by 2013 all newly built homes must contain some form of micro renewable energy technology such as those provided by Eco Coil Heating with the aim of reducing energy usage by 60% and eliminate the carbon footprint for new homes entirely by 2016. Seem like an impossible goal? Well the government don’t think so.

They’re providing substantial grants and energy usage tariff subsidies to encourage home owners to install systems just like these. What’s more is that a dedication to installing these systems can make all the difference for home owners looking for planning permission at the same time.

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Eco Coil Heating supply and install the latest generation of eco-friendly, energy saving systems including heat pumps, heat recovery systems, solar panels, under-floor heating and air conditioning. We accept projects from all areas from Edinburgh, Glasgow and other major cities as well as the Western Isles. We’ll answer all your questions without any obligation or unwanted follow-up calls.

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